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Piece rate product maker


Can you turn used climbing gear into quality new products?


Have you ever wondered what happens to the climbing gear that has been retired from active use?  At Green Peak Gear we collect unwanted climbing gear and make it into other products such as dog leads and mats.  The products that we make are sold through our Amazon Webstore, through 3rd parties and at events we attend.  We donate some of the gear we collect to other organisations for second use – examples include play-group and a bird sanctuary.  Gear that we cannot reuse is recycled.  The gear is collected by participating climbing walls, who have a Green Peak Gear bin that we empty on a regular basis.  The initial pilot was based in North West England, and we are now looking to expand our collection base.  Green Peak Gear was established in mid 2012 with active support from the BMC.  Our profits are donated to ACT (Access and Conservation Trust).


Following the success of the pilot we are now looking to recruit further people to develop and make products from the gear we collect – ropes, harnesses, helmets, slings, nuts and friends.  We aim to pay £10 per hour for making quality products, with payment taking place after the goods have sold.  Activities are likely to include:

  • Making high quality products for sale
  • Packing and shipping products – both individual products sold through Amazon and batches of product sold to other organisations
  • Developing prototypes of new products to confirm that a high quality product can be made for a reasonable cost
  • Recording details of production and sales


We are looking for you to bring skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to this activity.  Ideally you will have relevant experience of making products from similar materials and be able to help us improve the quality and range of our products.  You will be able to work reliably with a minimum of supervision.


This is an excellent opportunity to be involved in an active social enterprise, and to contribute to the climbing community.


If you are interested in finding out more please contact us at info@greenpeakgear.org.

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